Pre-Patella Bursitis

(Housemaid's Knee)

What is Pre-Patella Bursitis?

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Fluid in the Bursa (Naturally occurring blister) at the front of the knee.

What is the cause?

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This is usually due to irritation of the Bursa.

This is made worse by:


Using the knee a lot



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If the cause can be avoided (e.g. kneeling) then they usually go away, but this may take several months.

Anti-Inflammatory Painkillers as a tablet or gel / cream rubbed on help remove the swelling.

Aspiration (Removal of the fluid) and Injection of Steroid can be tried if they do not go away with rest, tablets and gels / creams. This though only works half of the time.

Operations are of no use as the swelling comes back and there are serious risks of infections.



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For more information or to gain a better understanding of the condition, download the free PDF below:


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