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Knee Surgery Manchester | Knee Surgery Specialists

Knee Replacement

Mr Lavender performs the full range of knee replacements, full, partial and patellofemoral. His results for all of these are better than the national average.


Robotic Surgery

Using a robot arm and computer generated 3D model of your knee, Mr Lavender can place your knee replacement in the optimal place for you. View Video

Sports Injuries

If you’ve suffered a knee-related sports injury, our medical team can help you to recover. Whether you’ve suffered a serious sports injury, or aggravated an existing condition, Mr Lavender is here for you.

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Welcome to Knee Surgery Manchester

Mr Andrew Lavender is a Specialist Knee Surgeon with more than Fifteen year’s experience as a consultant knee surgeon. He works at the Spire Hospital, Manchester where he is also the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee.

This website has been developed by Mr Lavender to provide patients, and other health care professionals, with up-to-date information on a variety of knee conditions. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed with a knee condition, or you’ve had a long-term illness which requires specialist treatment, get in touch today.
Mr Lavender specialises in delivering specialist treatments and surgeries to resolve all kinds of knee issues. He can provide total knee replacement, knee arthroscopy and anterior crucial ligament reconstruction. He uses the latest robotic technology to aid his knee replacement surgery. As part of his expert treatment, he can help you to overcome all kinds of knee conditions and concerns.

If you’re suffering due to any kind of knee problem, and you require specialist consultation or surgery, contact us today. You can speak to Mr Lavender’s team by calling 0161 413 8238 and organise an appointment time for a consultation

At 65 my continual knee pain was affecting both my life and also my job as a fitness instructor. I’m very active and was hesitant about having a knee replacement, one of my biggest concerns was that I wouldn’t able to train in the gym after an operation, something I do almost daily… READ MORE Ian Sherriff

At 62, for several months this year I had been experiencing problems with my knee. My knee would unexpectedly lock, causing a great deal of pain and swelling, and eventually it even began to effect my confidence to travel on my own. I’m an avid gardener, but I have been somewhat… READ MORE Helen Mabbutt

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