Mr Lavender is a specialist knee surgeon working at Spire hospital, Manchester.
He is happy to share with you the results of his surgery.

I have completed Over

Total Knee Replacements

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstructions

Arthroscopic (Keyhole) Knee Operations

Revision Rate

Mr Lavender submits the details of all the patients that he performs joint replacements on to the National Joint Registry (NJR). This publishes a report every year. The public have limited access to these results and data ( Mr Lavender is happy to share his results with his patients.

Review of the NJR in June 2018 shows:

Revision rate for a cemented Total Knee Replacement 5 years after surgery:

National average    2.2% (22 out of 1000)

Mr Lavender’s       0.9% (9 out of 1000)

Revision rate for a Unicompartmental Knee Replacement 5 years after surgery:

National average    6.5% (65 out of 1000)

Mr Lavender’s       5.4% (54 out of 1000)

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS)

PROMS data is independently collected. It is very good at showing how well patient’s knees and working and improving their lives compared to before their knee replacement.

One of the scores that is used is the Oxford Knee Score. This is a score out of 48. The difference in score from before to after surgery is a very good measure of how well patients lives have improved after surgery.

Improvement in Oxford Knee Score after surgery:

National average – 16

Stepping Hill Hospital – 19 (One of the best in the country)

Mr Lavender at Spire – 21


At 65 my continual knee pain was affecting both my life and also my job as a fitness instructor. I’m very active and was hesitant about having a knee replacement, one of my biggest concerns was that I wouldn’t able to train in the gym after an operation, something I do almost daily. Steroid injections were no longer working so I decided to find out more about my options. Mr Lavender put me at ease the moment I met him. He explained the benefits of going ahead with the procedure and reassured me that I would still be able to train, that my daily life would be improved and I did not need to continue to live with the pain I was feeling.

I decided to go ahead and I’m pleased that I listened to Mr Lavender’s excellent advice. I had surgery late afternoon and the next morning the physio came to see me and started the recovery exercises. Within a few days I was mobile enough to go home where I continued my exercise plan and within 4 weeks the physio gave me the go ahead to start training in the gym again. Following my 6 week review with Mr Lavender I returned to work and within 3-6 months was back to full fitness. I am able to do all the fitness classes and training that I did before the operation, but without the pain.

I would highly recommend Mr Lavender to anyone who is considering knee surgery and would have no hesitation in choosing him as my surgeon for a future operation on my other knee. Ian Sherriff

At 62, for several months this year I had been experiencing problems with my knee. My knee would unexpectedly lock, causing a great deal of pain and swelling, and eventually it even began to effect my confidence to travel on my own. I’m an avid gardener, but this year I have been somewhat restricted to the amount I could do. I was referred to The Spire as an NHS patient.

Like most people, I was initially anxious to have surgery. However, the whole experience was so much better than I had anticipated. My consultant was Mr Lavender, and I can only commend him and his team at the Spire. I found Mr Lavender’s style of communication to be excellent. His explanations of the procedure and expected outcome was delivered in a manner and language easily understood by a layperson. I found Mr Lavender to be extremely approachable, and I was confident to ask any questions and discuss any concerns. My treatment was commissioned by the NHS, but I’m sure I would not have had any better treatment or service if I had been paying privately for it.

After only two weeks since the surgery was done, I’m almost pain free! I need to have more physiotherapy but I’m already confident the procedure has been a great success.

I wish to thank Mr Lavender, for the excellent care and treatment I’ve received from him and his team. Helen Mabbutt

Dear Sir,

Having had problems in the past few years i was told I needed both knees replacing,I finally decided enough was enough and made an appointment to see Mr Andrew Lavender. I had seen him with my wife on a number of occasions after she had urgent knee surgery and found him easy to speak too and very reassuring.

He replaced my knee on the 7th November 2018, with the new Robot assisted surgery.

The surgery took place in the afternoon of the 7th November and i was amazed at the lack of pain i felt as I recovered from the general anaesthetic. I had an ache in my leg, but it was nothing like I had been told to expect by people I knew who had undergone knee replacement surgery.

There was very little bruising and I felt very comfortable the following morning when the physio came to start my recovery exercises. I left hospital after 3 nights, able to walk with the aid of crutches and felt very happy and pain free.
Within 2 weeks I was down to using one crutch and after 4 weeks was able to walk with the aid of a walking stick in case of emergency. I saw Mr Lavender after 6 weeks and was told i was able to resume driving.

We discussed the replacement of my other knee which has been scheduled for 31/1/2019, again with robot assistance.
I would recommend Mr Lavender(and his robot) to anyone requiring knee replacement surgery as he is honest, approachable and diligent, overall an excellent surgeon. Nigel.E.Heywood

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