Of the knee.

Aim of Surgery

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– To replace the Articular Cartilage (Shiny white gristle) that has been lost from the end of the bone
– During an Arthroscopy (Telescope / Scope) of your knee lots of small holes are made into the bone to let out stem cells from the bone marrow
– The stem cells are then stimulated by gradually and continually moving the knee to make new Articular Cartilage on the end of the bone

Before Surgery

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Pre-Operative Assessment of fitness for surgery:
– This is not normally required unless there are specific problems with your general health

Contraceptive Pill (OCP):
– It is up to you
– If you wish to stop this for 6 weeks before your surgery and use a different form of contraception that is acceptable
– If you do not wish to stop using the OCP then please tell us when you come in for your surgery and we will give you an injection while you are asleep to help prevent you getting a blood clot in your leg

In Hospital

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Scratches / Cuts
– If you have any scratches, cuts or the like on your leg when you are admitted for surgery then your operation may be postponed if Mr Lavender believes that these will pose a risk to you getting an infection at the time of your surgery

– Mr Lavender will come and see you when you arrive. He will get you to sign a form (Consent Form) agreeing to the operation and explain the risks of the surgery

– You will normally stay in hospital overnight
– You will be given and shown how to use a pair of crutches before your operation
– You will be walking with no weight through the operated leg for the first 8 weeks




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– There will be lots of this after your operation
– You will be provided with and shown how to use a Continuous Passive Motion Machine (CPM). This you will takehome. It moves your leg back and forwards very slowly
– You will use it for 8 hours every day for the first 8 weeks (This can be broken up into smaller time periods as youlike)
– The knee should be moved through the biggest range of movement that the pain in your knee will allow
– The CPM machine should move slowly – 1 cycle every minute

– Mr Lavender usually uses stitches to close the two / three small holes in the skin. They are usually removed after
2 weeks when you come to see Mr Lavender in the out patients department

– You are unable to drive for about 12 weeks, unless the surgery is on your left leg and you drive an automatic car

– This depends upon the type of work you do and should be discussed with Mr Lavender. As a rough guide you will be off work for 8 to 12 weeks, unless you can work from home on a computer

Sick note
– Mr Lavender will provide you with a sick note if you require one

– You are not allowed to fly for 12 weeks following surgery, due to the risk of blood clots in your legs

– Your return depends upon the type of sport you like and should be discussed with Mr Lavender
– You will be unable to participate in most sports for at least 4 months

Follow Up

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Mr Lavender will normally see you at:
– 2 weeks – Remove stitches
– 8 weeks – Ensure knee goes straight
– 4 months – Check on progress



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