Aim of Aspiration

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Aspirations of the knee are done to see if there is any infection within the knee

In Hospital

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Scratches / Cuts
– If you have any scratches, cuts or the like on your leg when you are admitted for surgery then your operation may be postponed if Mr Lavender believes that these will pose a risk to you getting an infection at the time of your surgery

– Mr Lavender will come and see you when you arrive. He will get you to sign a form (Consent Form) agreeing to the aspiration and explain the risks of the surgery

– Normally, your surgery will be done as a day case, being admitted and discharged on the same day. You will require:
– To be brought to hospital by car
– To be taken home by car
– Someone to be in the house on the night of the operation
– A telephone at home

– You can walk with all your weight on the aspirated leg as soon as you return to the ward

Follow Up

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Mr Lavender will normally see you at 2 weeks after the aspiration

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