Articular Cartilage Damage


What is Articular Cartilage Damage?

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This is when there is a hole in the Articular Cartilage (white gristle) on the end of the bone.

What is the cause?

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Articular Cartilage Damage is often due to an injury. These conditions are rarely caused by simple wear and tear.


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Mr Lavender will tailor these to your problem, but may include:

X-rays of your knee.

Long Leg Alignment Films.

  • These allow Mr Lavender to see how the weight travels down your leg as you walk

MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan)

  • These usually show where and how big the hole in the articular cartilage is.

Arthroscopy (Scope / Telescope) of the knee

  • Sometimes this is the only way to diagnose and assess the hole.


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Mr Lavender will discuss the options with you at your consultation, as every patient has unique circumstances and individual needs.


  • Small holes are made into the bone during an arthroscopy to allow stem cells from inside the bone to fill the hole. These are then stimulated by movement to make new articular cartilage


  • Specially designed and coated plugs inserted into the hole to stimulate new cartilage growth.
  • These can only be used if the hole is not very big

High Tibial Osteotomy

  • Break, realign and fix the knee if it is not aligned properly.


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For more information or to gain a better understanding of the condition, download the free PDF below:

Articular Cartilage Damage Info Sheet

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