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Pre-Patella Bursitis (Housemaid's Knee)

What is Pre-Patella Bursitis (Housemaid's Knee)?

Fluid in the Bursa (Naturally occurring blister) at the front of the knee.



This is usually due to irritation of the Bursa.

This is made worse by:


Using the knee a lot



If the cause can be avoided (e.g. kneeling) then they usually go away, but this may take several months.

Anti-Inflammatory Painkillers as a tablet or gel / cream rubbed on help remove the swelling.

Aspiration (Removal of the fluid) and Injection of Steroid can be tried if they do not go away with rest, tablets and gels / creams. This though only works half of the time.

Operations are of no use as the swelling comes back and there are serious risks of infections.


Information Sheet

For more information or to gain a better understanding of the condition, download the free PDF below:

To download the Pre-Patella Bursitis (Housemaid's Knee) information sheet, right click on the PDF and choose 'Save Link As...'

Pre-Patella Bursitis (Housemaid's Knee) Information Sheet

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