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Loose Bodies

What are these?

These occur when a piece of the lining of the knee joint has become detached and is floating around the knee joint.


What problems do they cause?

The Loose Body is often felt moving around the knee, and patients can sometimes move it around themselves when it is near the Knee Cap (Patella).

If the Loose body gets stuck between the Thigh Bone (Femur) and Shin Bone (Tibia) then the knee gets stuck (Locked) and cannot be straightened. It then requires rest or a funny bending twisting movement to unstick (unlock) the knee.



Mr Lavender will examine your knee and discuss the problems that it is causing.

Sometimes he will be able to feel the Loose Body moving around.

Usually an X-ray is required.

If Mr Lavender is unsure if you have a Loose Body then he will arrange a MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan) of your knee.



Mr Lavender advises that loose bodies should be removed as they can cause damage to the knee if left untreated. This can be done at the time of an operation to look inside your knee with a Arthroscope (Scope / Telescope).

If they are large then an extra small cut (10 – 15mm) in the skin next to your Knee Cap (Patella) may be needed to remove the Loose Body.

Information Sheet

For more information or to gain a better understanding of the condition, download the free PDF below:

To download the Loose Bodies information sheet, right click on the PDF and choose 'Save Link As...'

Loose Bodies Information Sheet

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