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Arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament surgery: results of autogenous patellar tendon graft versus the Leeds-Keio synthetic graft five year follow-up of a prospective randomised controlled trial.
S R Ghalayini, A T Helm, A Y Bonshahi, A Lavender, D S Johnson, R B Smith
Knee. 2010 Oct ; 17 (5) : 334 - 339

A conservative approach for proximal interphalangeal joint arthroplasty.
N R M Fahmy, A Lavender, C Brew
Journal of Hand Surgery (British) Jun 2001 ; 26 B (3) : 235 - 237

Cortical Evoked Potentials in the ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament.
A Lavender, A S Laurence, I H Bangash, R B Smith
Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy Mar 1999 ; 7 (2) : 98 - 101

Anterior knee pain after patella tendon anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A comparison of two harvest techniques. (Abstract)
A Lavender, D S Johnson, R B Smith, S J Shaw.
JBJS (Br) July 1998 ; 80B (Supp II) : 207

Percutaneous reduction and fixation of the valgus impacted fracture of the proximal humerus: A new method. (Abstract)
A Lavender, D M S Srinivasan, A A Henderson
JBJS (Br) March 1998 ; 80B (Supp I) : 105

The reaction of the intact and ruptured ACL as studied by cortical evoked potentials. (Abstract)
A Lavender, A S Laurence, I H Bangash, R B Smith
JBJS (Br) March 1998 ; 80B (Supp I) : 102 - 107

Arthroscopically implanted Leeds - Keio ligaments for chronic anterior cruciate ligament deficiency: Three year results. (Abstract)
A Lavender, R B Smith.
JBJS (Br) March 1998 ; 80B (Supp I) : 99

Patella metastases: A case report.
S C Buckley, A Lavender, P G Lynch, M R Wharton
Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh April 1997 : 42 : 122 - 123

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